14+ Amazing Free Stock Photo Websites

Here are the best sources for completely free stock photos.

Finding quality free stock photos can sometimes be a bit of a pain, and using premium stock photo sources such as Shutterstock and iStock can be quite expensive.

Lucky for you, we’ve put together a list of the 14 best free stock photo websites that literally have millions of completely free photos for you to choose from. You can also find even more stock photo sources at the end of the article.

So, even if you need to find copyright-free photos or plan to use them commercially you’re bound to find plenty of amazing options in the sources below.

Let’s dive right on in.

Site# of free photosLicense pageAttribution
Raw Pixel300,000+LinkSometimes

#1 Unsplash

Free stock photos on Unsplash

Unsplash has a huge library of free stock photos (well over 3 million and counting). These photos are submitted to the site by their talented global community of photographers.

All images from the site are completely free and more are added on a daily basis, so no matter what niche you’re in it’s very likely you’ll have plenty of quality photos that you can utilize from Unsplash.

The site is also very user-friendly and allows you to easily find relevant categories or search for specific photos. They even have a few apps that you can use on various devices and platforms to give you even easier access to their free photo library.


#2 Pexels

Free stock photos on Pexels

Pexels is a free stock image site with a huge range of photos and a library that is growing on a daily basis. Their 3 million+ stock photo offering is licensed under the ‘Pexels license’ which gives users full usage rights of any photos downloaded from the site.

They have a very useful discovery section with their most popular searches on the site such as ‘nature’, ‘house’, ‘technology’, ‘food’, and many others. If you’re looking for photos in any of those categories it’s a real time-saver. You can also search for specific topics to quickly find photos that fit your needs.

Similar to Unsplash, Pexels offers a couple of apps so you can utilize their library via the device of your choice.


#3 Pixabay

Free stock photos on Pixabay

Pixabay is another fantastic stock photo website that also has a great range of videos, illustrations, and music clips that users can also download for free.

At the moment they have around 1.6 million stock photos that you can download completely for free and utilize as you like without needing to do any attribution.

The Pixabay library is constantly growing, and they allow users to easily search through various categories and niches so you should be able to find the perfect photo very quickly.


  • Searchable: Yes
  • Attribution required: No
  • Pixabay license
  • Free photo library size: 1,600,000+

#4 Canva

Free stock photos on Canva

Next up we have Canva, an online graphic design software that lets users quickly create stunning designs with ease.

Canva has plenty to offer users looking to create graphic designs and this includes a huge library of stock photos, plus the ability for Canva users to add the Pexels and Pixabay apps to their Canva editor giving them access to millions upon million of photos.

Whatever you’re trying to create with Canva you’ll have no shortage of stock photos to use for your design. Much of Canva’s photo library (over 1 million) is available to use for Canva’s free users.


#5 FreePik

Free stock photos on FreePik

FreePik is an online platform where users can buy a whole range of design assets and templates including stock photos, illustrations, logo designs, fonts and much more.

FreePik has a huge library of stock photos (2 million+) and they have even sorted them into ‘collections‘ so you can easily find group of photos that will have what you need for your project. You can also simply search and utilize the search filters if you have a specific photo in mind.

For the majority of FreePik’s photo library, you’ll need to provide attribution for commercial and personal use.


  • Searchable: Yes
  • Attribution required: Sometimes
  • FreePik license
  • Free photo library size: 2,000,000+

#6 MorgueFile

Free stock photos on MorgueFile

If you’e searching for a simple and navigable stock photo website then you should definitely check out MorgueFile.

One of the original stock photo sites, it has been around quite a while and amassed a sizeable collection of photos that can completely for free.

There are some more amateur looking photos on MorgueFile compared with some of the other sites in this list but there is plenty there, particularly for those looking for everyday life kind of photos.


  • Searchable: Yes
  • Attribution required: Sometimes
  • MorgueFile license
  • Free photo library size: 400,000+

#7 FreeImages

Free stock photos on FreeImages

Regardless of the project you’re working on, you’re bound to find plenty of stock photos to fit your needs via FreeImages.

The site has photos spanning a diverse range of categories including food & drink, science, animals, celebrities, and many others.

Attribution may be required when using some of the photos in FreeImages sizeable library (over 400,000 at the time of writing).


  • Searchable: Yes
  • Attribution required: Sometimes
  • FreeImages license
  • Free photo library size: 400,000+

#8 Stockvault

Free stock photos on Stockvault

Stockvault is another great site to search if you’re looking for stock photos. It’s not quite as big as some of the other sites in this list but they have offer over 130,000 stock photos at the time of writing, which is plenty.

The guys behind Stockvault have made it very easy to navigate. They’ve created many categories and subcategories for their photo library and their search engine is very useful too.

Stockvault has several different licenses so you may have to provide attribution when using an image from the site. Be sure to check before you download any photos.


  • Searchable: Yes
  • Attribution required: Sometimes
  • Stockvault license
  • Free photo library size: 130,000+

#9 Raw Pixel

Free stock photos on Raw Pixel

Another site with a diverse collection of stock photos is Raw Pixel. The site has over 300,000 free stock photos plus vectors, PSD mockups, and public domain content for those searching for even more.

As a free user it’s possible to download an unlimited amount of the free templates and photos on Raw Pixel, you can also subscribe for as little as $3 per month to access even more and part of this paid subscription goes to Hope for Children. So it’s a worthy investment.

To be able to use a lot of the photos from Raw Pixel for commercial purposes you’ll need to pay $6 per month to access their Business plan. Be sure to check out their licensing page for more information.


  • Searchable: Yes
  • Attribution required: Sometimes
  • Raw Pixel license
  • Free photo library size: 300,000+

#10 Burst (By Shopify)

Free stock photos on Burst

Burst is a fairly new free stock image site from Shopify which has thousands of quality photos that can be used 100% for free when it comes to commercial and non-commercial use.

Like most of the sites in this list it’s very easy to navigate Burst to search for or find a category of photos that fits with what you’re looking for.

They claim to have a worldwide community of photographers and contributors so we’re sure their quality library will continue to grow and grow over time.


  • Searchable: Yes
  • Attribution required: No
  • Burst license
  • Free photo library size: 10,000+

#11 KaboomPics

Free stock photos on KaboomPics

KaboomPics is another quality free stock photo resource with over 24,000 free photos at the time of writing.

The site has ‘photoshoots‘ which are collections of photos with the same model, landscape, setting, etc. and very useful if you need multiple photos that are very similar.

You can also easily jump into the various categories or do a search on the site to find the photo you’re after. All the photos downloaded via KaboomPics are free for personal and commercial use.


  • Searchable: Yes
  • Attribution required: No
  • KaboomPics license
  • Free photo library size: 24,000+

#12 Vecteezy

Free stock photos on Vecteezy

Vecteezy is another site with a good-sized library of stock photos, many of which are free to download. However, the vast majority of photos on the site require you to have a Pro membership for you to access them.

It’s super easy to navigate Vecteezy to find the photo you’re after, including offering users the ability to filter their searches by orientation, style, color, number of people, and much more.

If you do want access to the full stock photo range on Vecteezy you’ll need to pay least $9 per month for their Pro membership.


#13 Picjumbo

Free stock photos on Picjumbo

In at #13 we have Picjumbo which another free stock photo site offering high-resolution photos that has been around for quite a while.

The site has plenty of good-quality stock photos (although nowhere near as many as some of the other sites such as Pexels or Unsplash).

The best parts about using photos from Picjumbo is that no attribution is required and the site is super clean and organized so you can quickly find the photo or set of photos that you’re looking for.


  • Searchable: Yes
  • Attribution required: No
  • Picjumbo FAQs
  • Free photo library size: 4,000+

#14 Foodiesfeed

Free stock photos on FoodiesFeed

Last but not least we have Foodiesfeed which an ideal place for those of you looking for visually stunning food imagery.

Their library of images isn’t quite as large as some of the sites in this list (around 1,700 at the time of writing) but what’s on offer is very high-quality and everything on the site can be used for free for personal and commercial projects.

Finding the right photo for your project is also a breeze as Foodiesfeed have organized their photos into specific categories such as Pizza, meat, etc. and you can also easily search or something specific too.


Other free stock photo resources

Here are even more websites where you find plenty of amazing free stock photos:

Licenses and attribution

If you’re after quality free stock photos to use for blog, social posts, videos, presentations or any other reason you’re going to want to ensure that you have permission to use the images.

Thankfully most of the photos you’ll find from the sources mentioned above allow you to use the photos you download from them however you’d like.

Here are two main license types the majority of the free stock photos will fall under:

  • Creative Commons Zero: you can use the photos in any way you’d like, no permission needed
  • Creative Commons with attribution: use the photo in any way you want, just be sure to credit the photographer

Still, make sure to always double check the license and permissions for any stock photo you download. If you’re more information, you can check out the Creative Commons website.

Wrapping things up…

So, there you have 14+ amazing free stock photo websites that you can browse to find the perfect stock image (or images) for you project, completely free of charge.  

There are so many free stock photo options, so you’re bound to spoilt for choice.

Good luck with your free stock photo search! Oh, and if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions for other free stock photo resources, leave a comment below!

Written by Sam McCraw

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