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How To Use Placeit With Printify, Printful & Other POD Platforms

Using Placeit alongside Printify and Printful.

If you’re looking to boost your print on demand product sales then one of the best ways to do this is to use high-quality product images and mockups.

One of the best mockup generators is Placeit, and it’s the ideal tool to use in conjunction with print on demand services such as Printify and Printful.

In this article we’re going to show you how to use Placeit with Printify and Printful to help you make your product listings stand out, and more!

Let’s get to it.

How to use Placeit with Printify & Printful:

More sections:

Before we dive into the all the details, if you’re looking for unlimited downloads of thousands of high quality mockups that are perfect for print on demand sellers then you might be interested getting a discount for Placeit.

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Why use Placeit for print on demand?

So why would you bother using Placeit for your print on demand store and product listings? It’s not a requirement but it really can help you make more sales.

We’ll focus on using Placeit mockups initially but we’ll touch on other parts of the product that you can use for print on demand a bit later.

So here’s why you should be using Placeit mockups:

Different viewpoints

Before you buy anything (particularly apparel and accessories) it’s likely you’ll want to get a good idea of how the product will look.

Using Placeit mockups gives potential buyers an idea of how the product will look in real life, and giving them several viewpoints or angles of the product is always a good idea to help convert them into paying customers.

Stand out from the competition

It can help you stand out from the competition. The majority of people will use standard mockups which definitely have their place, but using quality mockups from Placeit can help you stand out from the competition.

You can still use the standard mockups from Printify and Printful but we’d highly recommend testing out using Placeit mockups as the featured image in your product listing to see if it drives more clicks (and hopefully more sales).

Use models (+ creating a connection)

People connect with other people, so seeing images of people wearing a product can really help drive the conversion rate up.

Using Placeit mockups allows you to use models and environments (lifestyle images) that fit your target audience – e.g. an image for girls, mums, hikers, etc.

For example, this images of a mother and daughter together, a hiker out in nature, etc. Placeit allows you to choose models and lifestyle images that create a deeper connection with your potential buyers.

Seasonal products

If you create designs for specific seasons or holidays too such as Christmas or Halloween you can create great imagery for seasonal products too with Placeit.

Here are some of examples:

Use Case #1: Alternative mockups for product listings

The first use case for Placeit when it comes to using it with Printify and Printful as we’ve already touched on is as an alternative mockup source for your POD product listings.

We’re going to use Etsy to showcase how your Printify and Printful listings are published but the steps are very similar regardless of the platform that you’re selling on.

Here’s how to use Placeit mockups with Printify & Printful:

Step 1: Create a product listing

Create a product listing via your chosen print on demand provider – either Printify or Printful.

To do this on Printify follow these steps:

  1. Hover over ‘Catalog’ dropdown menu and select a product category
  2. Choose a product that you want to add to your store
  3. Click a ‘Start designing’ button next to one of the print provider options
  4. Upload your design and position/resize it
  5. Choose the product colors
  6. Click ‘Save product’
  7. Edit the product listing details
  8. Click ‘Publish’
  9. The product listing will be added to the draft listings tab on your chosen platform

Note: Uncheck the ‘Mockups’ option when you’re editing the product listing if you don’t want the mockups from Printify to show in your product listing.

If you’re using a platform like Etsy you can add your own custom mockup images from Placeit directly to your listing.

Keeping that box checked will automatically add the mockups from Printify to your product listing:

Here’s the steps to add a product listing on Printful:

  1. Make sure your Printful account is connected to your store (e.g. Etsy store)
  2. Go the ‘Stores’ tab via your Printful dashboard
  3. Click ‘Add product’
  4. Select a product to add to your store
  5. Add your design
  6. Choose the product color options, etc.
  7. Click ‘Continue’
  8. Choose your Printful mockups
  9. Edit the product listing details
  10. Edit the pricing information and click ‘Submit to store’
  11. The product listings will be added to your draft listings

Step 2: Look at what’s working for your competition

We’re going to continue using Etsy as the example platform.

To work out what kind of mockups you should be creating with Placeit for your product listings it’s important to see what’s already working for the competition.

You can input a search term into Etsy and get an idea of what’s ranking well for that search term, and what is selling in that niche.

Look at the type of imagery they use for their listings to help inform your own product listings strategy:

You can also go into a product listings to see what other images they’ve included which will help inspire your own listings.

You can see in the example below this shop owner uses very high quality images, as well as product videos and it’s obviously a listing setup that’s working quite well as that product was in 20+ baskets at the time of the screenshot:

Research several competitor listings and stores. You might find that the mockups from Printify and Printful work well in your niche or you might find that you need better quality or different kinds of images.

Either way, the research will show you what your featured image should be, what kind of product shots to include in the listing, and whether competitors are using videos or not. With this information you can head to Placeit to find suitable images (and potentially videos).

Step 3: Find matching mockups on Placeit

Now it’s time to find matching mockups on Placeit for the product you’re selling via your print on demand store and Printify/Printful.

You can find exact matches for some commonly sold print on demand products such as Bella+Canvas 3001 t-shirts which Placeit offers over 350 mockups for:

There won’t be exact matches for all your print on demand products but you can still find mockups on Placeit that feature very similar products that you can use in your listings as long as they accurately represent the product.

For example, you might be selling this tote bag from Printful:

You won’t be able to find any ‘EarthPositive’ tote bag mockups on Placeit but there are plenty of cotton tote bag mockups that look very similar to the product:

There’s even tote bag video mockups that are a great match for that product too (over 80+ templates at the time of writing):

The key is to find images and videos that accurately represent the product you’re selling, you don’t want to deceive your potential buyers.

Step 4: Create the mockups

We’re not going to go through the steps for creating mockups on Placeit in detail in this article (check out our article about Placeit mockups for that).

Here are the quick steps to creating mockups on Placeit:

  1. Go to the relevant mockup category page on Placeit
  2. Find a template(s) (that matches your product and popular listings on Etsy)
  3. Customize it
  4. Download it

Note: Make sure to match the color hex code from Printify/Printful to the color of the product in the mockup on Placeit.

You can get the hex code from Printify if you go to the product editor, click on product variants, and then hover over the color you want. A popup will appear with the color hex code that you can then use on your Placeit mockup to match it up perfectly:

Step 5: Make sure they’re the right size

The images on that you download from Placeit might not be the ideal dimensions for the platform you’re selling on.

For example, on Etsy your images should be at least 2000px wide and no larger than 1MB when it comes to the file size.

You can resize or crop the mockup images you’ve created on Placeit going to the ‘My downloads’ area on Placeit, then clicking on the Crop/resize option for the image you want to modify:

Then simply input your ideal dimensions and download the new version of the image:

Step 6: Add the mockups

The final step when it comes to mockups is to add them to your product listing.

You can’t upload custom mockups via Printify or Printful at the moment so you have to do directly via the platform that you’re selling on – in our example it’s Etsy.

Go to the ‘Listings’ tab in your Etsy dashboard and then select one of your recently added listings via Printify or Printful. They’ll be sitting in the drafts area which you can select from the right side of the dashboard interface.

Once you’re in the product listing you’ll see options to add photos and a video. In the example below we added a product from Printful that already contained some mockups, with space to add two additional images and a video:

Once you’re happy with the product listing you can save as a draft or publish to your store.

Use case #2: Size charts & other product listing images

The second use case that makes Placeit super helpful for print on demand sellers is to use it to create great-looking product size charts, guides, and other additional product listing images.

These are a really useful listing features that can help build trust with potential customers and boost conversions of your print on demand products from Printify and Printful.

Here’s how to create them on Placeit:

Step 1: Browse the templates

Go to this page on Placeit and browse the size chart designs, and you can can find shipping and returns image templates on this page.

Step 2: Choose one that fits your brand

Choose a relevant image for your product listing. You can modify them to fit the style of your store and brand.

Some of the templates might not work for you as they contain a mockup of a different product but there are some templates that can be fully customized:

Step 3: Customize it

Modify the template to fit with your brand and product (product image, sizes, colors, etc.):

Step 4: Download and add to your listings

Download your size chart image (resize it if you need to) and add it to your product listing.

If you’re using Etsy you can add it in the same area where you add the mockup images.

Step 5: Reuse it

Reuse the size chart template or other additional listing image for your other products to keep things on brand and consistent across your whole store.

All you would you need to is go back to that template on Placeit, modify it for the new product and download.

Use case #3: Merch designs

As a print on demand seller you can also use Placeit to create designs for your POD products. The best part about using Placeit is that everything you create comes with a commercial license.

Here’s how to use Placeit to create designs for print on demand products from Printify and Printful:

Step 1: Get inspiration

Etsy is a great place to get print on demand design or slogan ideas. You shouldn’t be copying anyone’s designs but you can definitely take inspiration from what’s already on the platform.

For example, if you’re in the hiking or outdoor niche you could search for “hiking t-shirts” on Etsy, and see what kinds of designs and slogans are being sold:

You can also use AI tools like ChatGPT to generate slogan ideas for your print on demand products.

Here’s an example for the hiking niche. I asked it for 15 hiking t-shirt slogan ideas and it gave me some that could work on t-shirts and other POD products:

Note: If you’re using Etsy for ideas and inspiration make sure to look at what is actually getting sales so you can prioritize what designs to focus on initially. Also, make sure to check that any slogans you use are actually copyright free.

Step 2: Go to the merch designs on Placeit

Now that you have some good ideas for designs and slogans, it’s time to head to Placeit to look for design templates that you can use.

Login to your Placeit account and in the search bar input the keyword that describes the designs that you’re after. For example, we searched for ‘hiking’ designs:

You can then filter the results further via the tags on the left side of the screen e.g. we chose to only show t-shirt design templates:

Depending on your niche there should be a decent selection of designs that are specifically designed for your chosen topic. Here’s what we got for hiking t-shirts:

Also, remember that a lot of these designs can be used on different types of products as well as t-shirts.

If you want even more design options you can search through the logo templates on Placeit, many of which are ideal for merch designs too.

Here’s an example – we searched for ‘hiking logo’:

Once you’ve found you’re ideal design, click on it and you will be taken to the editor.

Note: If you’re wanting to creating text only designs you can do this with most templates from Placeit, you simply need to hide the graphic elements in the design editor.

Related article:

Step 3: Customize it

Thankfully, the design editor is fairly simple on Placeit.

You can quickly modify the text, fonts, colors, etc. and if there are any elements of the design that you don’t want to use you can simply hide them or drag them off the canvas.

You can use some of the design inspiration and slogans you found in step 1 from Etsy and ChatGPT with your chosen design template on Placeit:

Step 4: Download it

Once you’re happy with your design it’s almost time to download it.

Before you do that you’ll want to check that the design looks good on the colors of the t-shirts and other products that you plan to sell it on.

You might even have to create a light and dark version of the design to fit all color variations:

The last step is to set it up so you download the design with a transparent background so it can be uploaded to the print on demand products on Printify and Printful with no issues.

To do that simply click the background color dropdown menu and select the no background option:

Now you’re ready to hit the download button!

Step 5: Resize it

If needed, you can resize the design with Placeit’s resize tool to make sure it will be okay for your chosen platform.

However, Placeit gives you large PNG file for your design template downloads so it shouldn’t be an issue when adding it to products on Printify and Printful or any of the print providers that they work with.

Step 6: Upload it

Upload the design to a Printify or Printful product listing – simply follow the steps from use case #1 – step 1 again.

Use case #4: Branding, social media & paid ads

The last Placeit use case that we’re going to highlight for print on demand sellers is to create brand assets, social media content, and potentially paid ad designs via Placeit.

Their templates can help you promote your brand and your products so you can sell more from your print on demand store connected to Printify or Printful.


If you want to create a distinct brand for your print on demand business you can do that with Placeit.

Here are some the different brand assets you can make:


We’ve already mentioned utilizing Placeit’s logo templates as merch designs, but you can also use them to create a logo for your brand.

They have high-quality logo templates for a huge range of niches so you’re bound to find a few that have the look and feel that you’re after for your print on demand store.

You can access Placeit’s logo maker via this link.

Etsy banner

Currently they have a good selection of Etsy shop banners that you can customize for your own store (over 200 templates at the time of writing).

Social profile banners

You can also brand your social profiles using Placeit as they offer banner templates for all the major social media platforms:

  • Facebook covers
  • Instagram highlight covers
  • Twitter banners
  • LinkedIn banners
  • And more

Social media content

You can use Placeit to create social media content to promote your print on demand products.

Their video mockups are ideal for this (they have hundreds of templates), and they also have templates for all the major platforms:

  • TikTok
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Pinterest
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn

They have some useful seasonal templates too that are perfect for social media:

There’s plenty of fantastic templates to help you drive traffic from social media to your POD store and products.

Paid ads

Last but not least, if you’re planning on doing paid ads on various platforms such as Instagram, Facebook. etc. then you can create quality static and video ads with Placeit in no time at all.

Get unlimited mockups and designs

If you’re looking for more mockups and designs for your print on demand products and store, you should definitely add Placeit to your toolkit.

As a reminder, you can get 15% of your Placeit subscription by clicking the button below:


Answers to some commonly asked questions regarding Placeit, Printify, and Printful:

Do Printify and Printful work with Placeit?

Placeit doesn’t have an integration within Printify or Printful, however you can certainly Placeit’s mockups that match products from Printify’s and Printful’s product ranges as we’ve shown in this article.

What is the difference between Placeit and Printify/Printful?

Placeit is an online design software that allows you to create mockups and designs within your browser.

Printify and Printful are print on demand platforms that allow you to sell products without holding inventory. You supply the product designs and the printing and shipping is handled by Printify/Printful and their print providers across the globe.

You can use Placeit as a tool to help you sell your products from Printify and Printful.

How do I add a Placeit mockups to Printify/Printful?

You can add external images or mockups to the product listings in Printify and Printful and the moment, you can only add your own images through your online store that’s connected to one of the POD platforms such as Etsy or Shopify.

Can I use Printify/Printful mockups on Etsy?

Yes, you can use the mockups from Printify and Printful in your product listings on Etsy. They may work just fine for you in terms of generating clicks and sales but if you want to test out different images we recommend utilizing Placeit’s mockup library.

How do you download mockups from Printify/Printful?

The articles below show you how to download mockups from Printify and Printful:

Related articles & resources

Wrapping things up

So, there you have it, that’s how you can use Placeit with Printify, Printful, and other similar print on demand platforms.

Placeit is an incredible tool in the arsenal of any print on demand seller, and can go a long way in helping you get more sale of your print on demand products. .

Enjoy creating, and if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, leave a comment below!

Written by Sam McCraw

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