8 Best Video Mockup Generators (Free & Paid)

We tested all the major video mockup generators, here are the best.

If you’re looking for the easiest and quickest way to create high-quality promotional videos for your products and designs then a video mockup generator could be just what you’re after.

There are quite a few tools available but not all of them are worth your time or money.

We tested out all the major ones and put together a list of the best video mockup tools to make it easy for you.

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How we tested the tools

To properly review each video mockup generator we analyzed them in four main categories:

  • The volume of mockup templates
  • Tool usability and features
  • Quality of the final images
  • Overall value for money

Mockup Generators

If you’ve never heard of or used a mockup generator before, here’s a quick explanation. 

They’re tools that let you quickly and easily place one of your designs onto an existing image. There are lots of different types of mockup tools including t-shirt mockup generators, book mockup generators, iPhone mockup generators, and many more.

Most mockup generators are ridiculously easy to use, letting you create images in no time at all. However, you do lose out on some of the customization options you would get if you used a tool like Adobe Photoshop. 

However, there are lots of tools providing quality mockup templates (such as all the ones in this list) and they’re getting better all the time, so you’re bound to find some quality mockups that match what you’re looking for. 

#1 Placeit Mockup Generator

Video mockups on Placeit

First on the list we have Placeit, which is probably the most popular mockup generator around at the moment.

They have mockup templates for many different products such as t-shirt mockups (including t-shirt video mockups), books, mugs, packaging, and so much more. They also have a sizeable library of video mockups with around 1,700+ at the time of writing.

There aren’t many sites like Placeit that can match their mockup template library at the moment, and this is also the case with video mockups.

Customizing the video mockup templates on Placeit is incredibly quick and easy to do. You simply need to add your design or image to the template, adjust the positioning and you should be good to download your mockup.


  • Some free templates
  • Individual video mockup: $9.95
  • Monthly subscription with unlimited downloads: $14.95
  • Annual subscription with unlimited downloads: $89.95


Animated mockups on is a great option when it comes to online mockup generators, particularly for device mockups such as iPhone and Macbooks.

They don’t currently have a huge library of animated or video mockup templates (12 at the time of writing) but what they do have to offer is fantastic quality.

They also offer users the chance to utilize 3D mockups, meaning you can change the angle of an image to get a different perspective of one of the device mockups.

The animated mockups on only feature iPhones at the moment so hopefully, they will expand that library. However, if you’re looking to create some app promotional videos then it could be a great option for you.’s editor is browser-based and fairly simple to use making it a solid option for beginners and intermediate users.


  • Free plan: Unlimited downloads of 2D mockups
  • Plus plan: $7 one off fee (gives you 5 premium downloads)
  • Pro plan: $29 /month or $228 /year

#3 Artboard Studio

Animated mockup template on Artboard Studio

If you like Placeit but you wish you have a bit more control when it comes to customizing the mockup scenes then Artboard Studio could be just the ticket.

The tool is quite similar to advanced design software like Photoshop in that you select layers and modify them individually, however, it’s still relatively easy to learn how to use the product.

The animated mockups are a fairly new feature on Artboard Studio and these templates are just as powerful as the static ones in that you can select individual elements to customize or add new elements to your template.

They currently have nowhere near as many animated video mockups as Placeit but we’re sure they will continue to add more, and what’s there currently is fantastic.


  • Some free templates
  • $15 per month for an unlimited subscription

#4 Rotato

Animated iPhone 13 mockup on Rotato

Next up is Rotato, the only mockup generator on the list that you have to download to your computer to use.

Like, Rotato is solely focused on device mockups and they have a good range of animated video templates for iPhones, monitors, smartwatches, and more.

Their editor is simple enough to use, allowing to change the angles, rotations, depth, etc. of the templates.

There’s no monthly fee for Rotato, you simply pay a one-time fee and you have lifetime access (but with only 1-year of updates).


  • Rotato Pro (Essentials pack): $59
  • Rotato Pro (Student pack): $69
  • Rotato Pro (Professional pack): $99

#5 Animockup


If you’re looking to create simple but good-looking promotional videos for social media then Animockup could be of interest to you.

The tool lets you create video mockups featuring a range of devices including iPhones, MacBooks, smartphones, and other devices. You can also quickly select which platform you’re creating the video for e.g. Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook.

The animation effects are hugely expansive at the moment, you can fade things onto the screen, add text, add custom images, etc. however, the simplicity makes it very easy to quickly create an effective video mockup or promotional clip.

You can also upload the image you want to place on your chosen device with one click, but this sometimes causes a glitch in the tool.

That being said we’re sure the creators will continue to improve and expand upon what Animockup currently offers.


  • Free templates
  • Pro: $10 /month

#6 LiveMockups

Live Mockups

LiveMockups isn’t quite the same as the mockup generators already mentioned in that you can’t really create animated mockups, you can simply upload a video file to appear on a device mockup.

They currently offer just over 150 templates, and these cover several devices including iPhones, iPads, MacBooks, Google Pixels, and more.

When it comes to customization, the options are fairly limited on LiveMockups, you can change the background color, playback speed, and a few other things but it certainly isn’t unlimited.

You can create 1 video mockup for free per month with LiveMockups but you’ll need to get a premium account for full and unlimited access.

It’s not as fancy as some of the other tools in this list but if you’re after some simple video mockups to use as promotional material then it could be a good choice for you.


  • Free plan (1 download per month)
  • Pro plan: $5 /month

#7 Create With Google

Create With Google

Google has created Create With Google to allow users to create video mockups for their advertising spots on YouTube.

All you need to do is upload your video file for your ad spot, and then you choose the placement. This will be one of the following: Skippable or Unskippable in-stream ads or the bumper ad placement on mobile devices.

You can then add your campaign details (such as a landing page, campaign name, etc.) and a call to action for the ad spot.

Create With Google gives you the ability to see your video ad mockup on several devices, and from there you can share it, edit it, or download it.

It’s not a hugely customizable experience but it offers what you need if you want to see how your video ad will look on YouTube.


  • 100% free

#8 Mock.Video


Like LiveMockups, Mock.Video is a video mockup generator that only allows you to add video files to static device images.

The tool allows you to select from a sizeable library of devices including iPhones, MacBooks, and various other smartphones. From there you change the device color, background color, and add a custom image (if you have a Pro account).

Mock.Video also allows you to download the video for a specific platform such as Twitter, Instagram, or YouTube.

As with LiveMockups, it’s not the fanciest video mockup generator. The customization options aren’t endless but if you’re in need of some simple promotional videos then you might find what you’re on Mock.Video.


  • Free Plan (comes with watermark)
  • Pro: $10 /month

Other video mockup sources

Video mockups on Envato Elements

If you have experience with more advanced video editing software then you might want to purchase video mockup templates rather than utilize a video mockup generator.

Here are some of the best sites for video mockup templates:

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Wrapping things up…

So there you have 8 tried and tested video mockup generators.  

These video mockup tools make it ridiculously easy to showcase your designs in an engaging animated format.

Most of the tools are great for device video mockups but Placeit and Artboard Studio allow you to create video mockups for apparel, packaging, and more which is incredible.

We hope this guide was helpful to you!

Oh, and if you have any questions, comments, or have suggestions for other awesome video mockup generators, leave a comment below!

Written by Sam McCraw

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