8 Social Media Mockup Generators (Free & Paid)

We tested all the major social media mockup creators, here are the best.

Are you looking to see how your designs look on social media platforms or maybe you’re a designer wanting to showcase your work with realistic social media mockups?

Whatever your goals, there are quite a few high-quality social media mockup generators that can help you easily see (or show) how your designs look on all the popular social media platforms.

We’ve tried out all the major social media mockup generators and put together a list of the best ones to make it easy for you. 

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How we tested the tools

To properly review each social mockup generator we scored them in four main categories:

  • The volume of mockup templates
  • Tool usability and features
  • Quality of the final images
  • Overall value for money

To have a fair comparison of the different tools we used the same design with every social media mockup generator:

Mockup Generators

If you’ve never heard of or used a mockup generator before, here’s a quick explanation. 

It’s a tool that lets you quickly and easily put one of your designs or images onto an existing scene or product so you can see how it looks in a ‘real life’ setting – some of the most popular ones are t-shirt mockup generators and book mockup generators.

Most online mockup generators are very easy to use and this is the case with the social media mockup generators in this list. The only downside is that you lose out on some of the customization options you would get if you used a tool like Adobe Photoshop. 

However, there are plenty of tools providing quality mockup templates and they’re always getting better, so you’re bound to find some quality mockups that have what you’re looking for. 

#1 Media Modifier

Social Media Mockups on Media Modifier

Media Modifier is the best social media mockup generator around at the moment. They have the biggest and most varied range of templates, the product is extremely easy to use, and it’s great value for money (or free if you use their free templates).

They have templates for all the major social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, and more recently TikTok.

So, if you’re looking to mockup a Facebook ad design, see how your Instagram post design will look, or showcase how your YouTube branding designs make a client’s channel and videos look awesome you can do all that and more with Media Modifier.

Customizing the social media mockup templates is very simple, within a few clicks you can have your mockup ready to go.

Media Modifier also offers users the ability to download mockups as PSD files. So, if you have some knowledge of Photoshop that might be of interest to you.

Social media mockup we made with Media Modifier:

Instagram post mockup from Media Modifier


  • Free (images have a watermark)
  • $19: Monthly subscription with unlimited downloads
  • $108: Annual subscription with unlimited downloads

#2 Smart Mockups

Facebook Mockups on Smart Mockups

Next up is Smart Mockups which is another high-quality social media mockup generator. They have a good range of social media mockups, including some free ones too! 

Their social media mockup templates range includes mockups for all the major platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Twitch, LinkedIn, and a few extra platforms too.

When it comes to customizing the templates, it’s also incredibly easy and user-friendly. You even get the option to import designs directly from Canva. So, if you create some social media designs with Canva you can import them to your Smart Mockups account with one click.

Where Smart Mockups fell short in comparison to Media Modifier was the range and amount of templates they offer. Currently, they only have around 22 social media mockup templates, which is quite a bit than Media Modifier 73 (at the time of writing).

You also get slightly fewer customization options with the templates. For example, you can change the social media name, likes, comment numbers, etc. on Media Modifier and this isn’t possible with Smart Mockups.

That being said, Smart Mockups is still a great option when it comes to social media mockups.

Social media mockup we made with Smart Mockups:

Facebook carousel post mockup from Smart Mockups


  • Some free templates
  • $14, $24, or $84 monthly subscription (tiered options) all with unlimited downloads
  • $108, $228, or $828 annual subscription (tiered options) all with unlimited downloads

#3 Adparlor

Adparlor’s ad mockup generator

Adparlor is a media buying agency based in Toronto. Presumably to get potential clients to their website they created their very own free social media ad mockup generator, which is actually really good.

Their mockup generator allows you to create mockups for four of the major social media platforms – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.

You can choose the specific type of ad you’re creating e.g. Facebook sponsored video post or a sponsored Instagram story, etc., and customize them easily to see how your designs will look on those platforms and in those ad formats.

A great feature of the tool is that it gives you all the placement variations for your ad mockup. For example, if you create a Facebook sponsored image post you can download mockups for the desktop newsfeed, mobile version, and Facebook sidebar placement too.

Overall, for a completely free social media mockup generator, it’s pretty damn good.

Social media mockups we made with Adparlor:

Pinterest pin mockup
Pinterest pin preview mockup


  • 100% free

#4 Admockups

Admockups homepage

Unsurprisingly, Admockups is a website where you can create ad mockups for most of the major social media platforms.

Their templates cover Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Snapchat. They also have a Google search ad mockup generator that you can utilize for free too.

Like Adparlor, Admockups gives you variations of ads or sponsored post placements on various social media platforms.

So you can create mockups for Facebook newsfeed posts, lead forms, even messages. All you need to do is choose the device type, ad type, and ad format. Once you’re done you can download your mockup as a PNG or SVG.

It’s a really simple and easy-to-use tool and it’s also 100% free, so it’s well worth checking out.

Social media mockup we made with Admockups

LinkedIn ad post mockup from Admockups


  • 100% free

#5 IMH Facebook Ad Builder

Facebook ad mockup generator from IMH

If you’re looking to mockup your designs to see how they will look on Facebook then Influencer Marketing Hub’s Facebook ad generator could is a tool you should check out.

You can create mockups of all the main ad types on Facebook – Website clicks, Video posts, Event ads, Mobile app install ads too.

Their tool also allows you to see how that ad looks on different placements too – in the newsfeed, right side ad placement, or mobile. So it has everything you need to see how your ads and design will look on Facebook.

Like most of the tools in this list, IMH’s mockup generator is really easy to use and you can customize most of the Facebook ad elements.

So if you’re looking for a completely free social media mockup generator, particularly for Facebook, you should give it a try.

Social media mockup we made with IMH:

Facebook ad mockup from IMH


  • 100% free

#6 Facebook Creative Hub

Creating Facebook and Instagram mockups with Facebook Creative Hub

If you’re looking to create Facebook or Instagram ads that stand out then you should take advantage of Facebook’s creative hub which allows you to create mockups of your ads before they go live.

It’s Facebook’s own ad mockup generator and is fairly easy to use, allowing you to create previews, and share ads before you hit the publish button.

The mockup generator allows you to see how your creative will look on all the possible placements on Instagram and Facebook, and you can easily toggle between ad placements for individual videos and images, or carousels too.

Once you’ve generated your mockups you can easily create a link to share them with your team (or clients) so they can give feedback before anything goes live.

Social media mockup we made with Facebook CH:

Instagram post mockups made with Facebook CH


  • 100% free (but you need a Facebook account/page to use it)

#7 WoFox

Creating social media mockups on WoFox

WoFox is an online design tool that offers plenty of features and templates, including a mockup generator.

They also have a range of ‘UI editing’ tools that allow you to create mockups for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and a few other platforms.

You’ll have to be logged in to a WoFox account to use the mockup tools but they are 100% free to use.

The tool itself is a bit tricky to use sometimes, particularly when it comes to getting your images to be the right dimensions (they don’t tell you what dimensions it should be) but overall for a completely free tool is pretty good.

Social media mockup we made with WoFox:

Instagram post mockup from WoFox


  • Free plan
  • Business plan: $10 per month
  • Team plan: $30 per month
  • Virtual assistant plan: $208 per month

#8 MockupBro

Social media Mockups on MockupBro

Last up we have MockupBro which is a completely free mockup generator with a really smooth and easy-to-use interface.

All you have to do is select one of their templates, adjust the background color (only available on some templates), upload your design, and download. It takes no time at all.

The main downside with MockupBro is that they only have a couple of social media mockups, so you can only create a couple of Twitter post mockups and that’s it.

However, as mentioned everything there is 100% free to download, so if you need some quality free mockups then you might just find what you’re looking for on MockupBro. Plus they have some other quality free mockups so it’s worth seeing what they have to offer.

Social media mockup we made with MockupBro:

Twitter post mockup from MockupBro


  • 100% free

Other Tools

Search and Social Tools social media mockup generator

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Wrapping things up

So there you have 8 tried and tested social media mockup generators.  

Knowing how your social media designs and ads will look on the various platforms can be challenging at times. However, with these social media mockup tools that task is made much easier.

We hope this guide was helpful to you!

Oh, and if you have any questions, comments, or have suggestions for other awesome social media mockup generators, leave a comment below!

Written by Sam McCraw

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