7 Best Pillow Mockup Generators (Free & Paid)

We tested all the major pillow mockup generators, here are the best.

Searching for great-looking pillow mockup but not sure which online mockup generator to use?

We’ve tried out all the major online pillow mockup tools and put together a list of the best ones to make things easy for you.

Let’s dive into it.

Best pillow mockup generators:

More options:

Pillow mockup template numbers:

ToolNo. of pillow mockups
Smart Mockups100+
Media Modifier60+

#1 Placeit

Pillow mockup templates on Placeit

In at number one with the largest number of pillow mockups by far is Placeit, with over 300 templates at the time of writing.

Their library of pillow mockup templates features a good variety of images with different settings, models, product shots, and plenty more. So, if you’re looking for a plethora of options then you should definitely check out Placeit.

They even have some pillow mockup videos (currently they have 10 templates) so you can showcase your pillow designs in an even more engaging format.

Whatever you’e looking for you’re likely to find it on Placeit. They have much more than just pillow mockups with thousands of other mockup templates covering every conceivable category, including many more video mockups.

Pillow mockup we made with Placeit:

Cushion mockup from Placeit


  • Some free templates
  • Individual mockups: $7.95
  • Subscription: $14.95 /month or $89.95 /year

#2 Smart Mockups

Pillow mockup templates on Smart Mockups

At number two we have Smart Mockups which is another high-quality online mockup generator with a solid range of pillow mockup templates (over 100 at the time of writing).

Smart Mockups has a fairly varied range of pillow mockups with templates featuring the product only, model and lifestyle mockups, flat lay images, and more.

If you have a Canva account that you use to create your product designs you can also utilize the Canva and Smart Mockups integration to make it even easier to create mockups on Smart Mockups.

Smart Mockups also offers paid subscribers the ability to turn their own images into mockups so if you have plenty of high quality pillow photos this could be a good option for you.

Pillow mockup we made with Smart Mockups:

Square pillow mockup from Smart Mockups


  • Some free templates
  • Premium plan: $14 /month or $108 /year
  • Pro plan: $24 /month or $228 /year

#3 Media Modifier

Pillow mockup templates on Media Modifier

In third spot we have Media Modifier which is a an online design software with plenty of mockup templates including 60+ pillow mockups at the time of writing.

Like with the majority of the templates on the site, their pillow mockups are good quality but their template library doesn’t offer as much variety as some of the aforementioned tools as it mostly features product only shots.

However, they do have thousands of mockup templates in other categories such as t-shirts, ads, social media, and many others. As well as design templates including social media posts, posters, book covers, and more so it’s certainly a tool worth checking out.

Pillow mockup we made with Media Modifier:

Pillow mockup from Media Modifier


  • Some free templates (w/ watermark)
  • Subscription: $19 /month or $108 /year

#4 Renderforest

Pillow mockup templates on Renderforest

Renderforest is an another online design software that lets you create a range of assets including logos, videos, websites, and more. This includes their own mockup generator which has a small library of just over 30 pillow mockups.

Although their pillow mockup library isn’t quite as big as some of the other mockup generators, the vast majority of templates on Renderforest look incredible.

All the templates feature the product only, so if you’re looking for mockups that feature models you’re better off looking elsewhere (we’d recommend Placeit).

Like all the other mockup generators in the list Renderforest is incredibly quick and easy to use. So, if do use the tool to create your own pillow mockups you’ll have them ready to go in no time at all.

Pillow mockup we made with Renderforest:

Pillow mockup from Renderforest


  • Some free templates (w/ watermark)
  • $3.99 for individual mockups
  • Monthly subscription: $19.99 – $59.99 /month
  • Annual subscription: $83.88 – $599.88 /year

#5 Vexels

Pillow mockup templates on Vexels

Next up we have Vexels which offers users the ability to create mockups online via their mockup generator and also download mockups from their PSD mockup library range.

They currently have just over 10 simple but high quality pillow mockups available via their mockup generator. They appear to be regularly adding new templates so we’re sure that number will continue to grow.

Vexels also offers PSD version of all the pillow mockups that are found on their mockup generator so if you’re proficient with Photoshop it could be a good option for you.

They also have thousands of mockups covering other categories such as t-shirts, hats, tote bag mockups, and other merch-focused mockups. Perfect for print on demand sellers.

Pillow mockup we made with Vexels:

Pillow mockup from Vexels


  • Monthly subscription: $9.99 – $89.99 /month
  • Annual subscription: $90 – $816 /year

#6 Mockey

Pillow mockup templates on Mockey

In second last spot we have Mockey which is a 100% free online mockup generator with some god quality templates on offer.

Similar to Vexels, they have a fairly modest library of pillow mockups at the moment with just over 10 templates.

Mockey’s pillow templates feature mostly images that feature the product only. So if you’re after lifetsyle images or mockups featuring models you’re better off looking elsewhere.

However, they do have plenty of other mockups in a variety of categories including apparel, accessories, stickers, mugs, and more. Well worth taking a look considering it’s all completely free to use.

Pillow mockup we made with Mockey:

Pillow mockup from Mockey


  • 100% free

#7 Pixelied

Pillow mockup templates on Pixelied

Last up is Pixelied which is another user-friendly online design tool and mockup generator. The mockup templates are a fairly new addition for Pixelied and they’ve introduced mockups for various categories including a few pillow mockups.

They currently have just over 10 pillow mockups for users to utilize and these are mostly images that feature the product only. So, like with Mockey, if you’re looking for lifestyle mockups you’re probably better using another tool from this list to find pillow mockups.

However, Pixelied’s mockup generator gives you lots of customization options. You can modify their mockups in the same as you can any other design template so as they grow their template library it will definitely become a tool worth checking out.

Pillow mockup we made with Pixelied:

Pillow mockup from Pixelied


  • Some free templates
  • Pro plan: $95.50 /year
  • Pro+ plan: $163 /year

Alternative pillow mockup generators

Pillow mockup from Artboard Studio

There were a few pillow mockup generators that didn’t quite make our top 7 but we think are still worth a mention:

Alternative pillow mockup sources

Pillow mockups on Envato Elements

Here are some fantastic alternative options for pillow mockups:

Where to find free pillow mockup templates?

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Wrapping things up

So there you have it. 7 of the best pillow mockup generators.   

We hope this article was helpful to you!

Enjoy creating! If you have any questions, comments or suggestions for other awesome pillow mockup tools that we might have missed, leave a comment below.

Written by Sam McCraw

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